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“I would like to thank NAMA for putting on a great show this year. The performances were amazing, and the stage, lights and sound were outstanding. We watched as the NAMA and Seneca staff busted their backs to put everything together. The NAMMYS brings honor to native people everywhere. And hope to our children by providing an credible outlet for role models and recognition of native talent. Please accept my gratitude for the honor of Artist of the Year for my rock flute CD ‘The Looking Wolf Project’. Congratulations to all of the entrants, nominees, and winners this year. The Unity shared by all has deeply touched many hearts and provided inspiration for our next project which will reach out to native youth drug prevention programs through a new rock CD and music video.

Truly NAMA’s voice rings clear – WE ARE ALL RELATED!”
Jan Michael Looking Wolf
2009 Artist of the Year
Native American Music Awards

Chi miigwech for the opportunity and honor of participating in and being selected the "best traditional recording" in this years' Nammys. We were thrilled and humbled to have been chosen. Thank you so very much! Please let me know if there is anything we can do or need to do for the organization. It's our first award of such distinction. But we are very appreciative.
Chi Miigwech, miinwaa!
Lyz Jaakola & Oshkii Giizhik Singers

The midnite express singers would like to thank all our relatives friends and powwow families for all their support. Also special thanks to Bear Traks for making this album possible. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to be where were at today and we could not have done it without the guidence of our elders and teachers. We dedicate this award to the remembrance of our late brothers jerry dearly jr and randy tawawino.
Aho migwitch
Midnite Express

I want to pass along my thanks and congratulations to you and your staff for
a successful NAMA weekend. It was an honor to be involved and Shane was
thrilled to win an award.
Best Regards,
Louis O'Reilly
Manager for Shane Yellowbird

I was able to speak with Mario a couple hours ago and Sam late yesterday, regarding their trip to Niagara Falls for the NAMA event. Mario, Irma, Sam, Harry and Mike want to thank you for honoring Ritchie for HOF induction and allowing Mario's band to participate in this historic event. Irma was having such a great time at the show, she grabbed a nearby mike and sang, "La Bamba" as Backyard Blues Band jammed on stage. Mario, Irma, Sam, Harry and Mike said that NAMA organization is a class act and the event was spectacular. My regret was not being able to attend, due to business matters here in LA. The band and Irma would also like to thank Rosemary for her hospitality, friendship and were pleasantly surprised when she greeted everyone at the airport. We all agree that we have a new friend in you Ellen and are hopeful to be part of NAMA, down the road.
Our Best,
Brian J. Arra, Agent
Black River Entertainment

Thanks again for a memorable and exciting musical experience!! Just to be amongst so many talented Native artists was an honor in itself. To be among the winners of the night was a gift that we will never forget. Thank you very much.
Thanks for being so professional and easy to work with. Your correspondence throughout the nomination period was greatly appreciated as well. Have a nice day.
-Charly Lowry
Best Video

What a fantastic job you and Don did with the Nammys.
I have heard nothing but good things about the show.   Again, great job!
Jody Roberts
 Rep for Gil Birmingham

It was a great adventure and a fun weekend. It is a truly great event you have built. You and Rose are both like energizer bunnies, and there is a lot of positive energy and camaraderie surrounding the whole event. I can't even imagine trying to organize something of that size. 
Y'all are always welcome at our Backyard Blues campfire.
Love and Respect,
Backyard Blues Band
Ritchie Valens Tribute

We heard the news last night as we were traveling home from our concert. Paul and I want to thank you for this, it really means a lot to us and we felt bad that we couldn't be there in person. I'm sure all went well and that you had a successful night.
Group of the Year

Well you did a wonderful job. I have heard nothing but good things about the event from everyone.
Darryl Tonemah
Performer & Best Folk Nominee

Thank you all for your votes and appreciation of my music. It was such an honor for me to receive the "Best New Age" award for the "Deep Within" CD on Oct.3, 2009 @ the Native American Music Awards Ceremony in Niagara Falls. This was a wonderful time to become acquainted with other artists' work and to renew former connections with friends too.
Bless each of your lives with peace.. Sincerely,
Tony Redhouse.
Best New Age Recording

Hi its Jace Martin. I just wanna say how much fun I had performing at
this years Nama' was so great.
Jace Martin
Debut Artist Nominee & Ritchie Valens Tribute Performer

Congratulations on yet another successful Native American Music Awards
Show. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
Ms. Bo Johnson, Producer & Host
KRFC, Fort Collins, CO


Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the phenomenal show you put on this year. From the moment I arrived the warmth, care, support and welcoming spirit from everyone made me feel right at home. The music, the venue, the performers, and everyone involved in the show touched my heart and nourished my spirit. I am deeply honored to have been able to participate in the Native American Music Awards this year as a nominee and presenter. Winning the Nammy in the Native Heart category was a dream come true.
The whole experience was a great gift I will treasure the rest of my life.
Michael Brant DeMaria

On behalf of our performing artists; Michael Bucher and Wind Spirit Drum, we send a heartfelt thank you for all you do for Native American people, culture and music industry. It is a sincere honor to receive the awards.
With much respect,
Studio West Management

I want to thank you for giving me an opportunity to perform, most importantly all the other indigenious artists in our nation that are so talented. I was so proud to see such an array of talent in Indian Country. I also made some new friends and inspired in my own musical endeavors. It was a pleasure to work with the crew, meet everyone, and experience something new. I'm used to singing with pianos with no mics in auditoriums and the stage and monitors were a whole new experience for me.  Wonderful growing experience for me. I'm so used to performing here in Oneida that is nice to spread my wings and meet so many wonderful people during my travels. Again, thanks for the opportunity, sincerely appreciate it.
Jennifer M. Stevens
Soprano from Green Bay! :)

Arriving at this wonderland event is the start of a memory for a lifetime. It was almost dreaming -- here to rehearse and hob-nob with some of the big names in Native American music. There I was, a 76-year-old composer about to be on stage. As a representative of the Mohawk Community of Tyendinaga, I was greeted with traditional greeting words, embraces, and well-wishes. I began to walk proudly among the many Native Nations in attendance. There was so much absolute brotherhood at this event -- everyone happy to be a part of this historic happening. Soon other Mohawk were coming to me to greet me and to wish this "Ista" (aunt) the best. Astikyonke from Akwesasne greeted me and I him--"we are one people" he said to me. Later in the evening he was awarded his NAMY for-Best Folk Recording--and still he came to The soprano, JENNIFER M. STEVENS, an Oneida-Lakota from Green Bay Wisconsin sang and I accompanied her at the keyboard in the aria: "But, What of My People?" from my opera Molly of the Mohawks.(the opera was up for an award in the category: Best Historical CD). Her clear soprano voice soared and the words of the aria reached the audience -- the powerful message of the song -- "But What of My People?" Later that night and even the next day, so many people came to her and myself to praise the performance and the song's meaning -- The message had been delivered!!! A door opened and we knew that the Native world heard our call -- Molly had asked --"who hears our plea? and what of our people?" ---Here the NAMA was telling the world--music is the great healer. Tonight an Oneida and a Mohawk had delivered that message.
--Willow Wind (Augusta Cecconi-Bates) October 5th, 2009

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Dancing In the Rain
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Will & Lil Jess
Reservation Nights

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